Show me the money!

It’s been a while since we dug in the dirt around our money stories on the Money, Mindset & Manifestation Power Circle with Sarah Medlicott, April Adams & Linda Albright last October so I thought I’d reach out with some awesome new content for you on how to feel “blessed instead of stressed” when it comes to your money flow.

Recently, my husband Rono and I decided to use fun as a strategy to overcome and transform a recent lull in our income, and we’ve been experiencing some amazing results!

For the past few years, we have been immersing ourselves in the study and research of pleasure as a way to manifest everything we desire.

What we have discovered is that the more enjoyment and pleasure we create in our daily life, the more we manifest… sometimes instantly!

Along with our personal pleasure practices, we’ve also been doing a 40 day prosperity plan and we have some really good money mindset techniques to share with you.

So… if you’re feeling stressed about money or where your next client might be coming from, you’ll definitely want to check out this two part video series I created just for you!

Watch part 1, now…to go from feeling stressed to feeling blessed around money with this simple mind shift.



After you watch this video, here is your assignment:

1. Share with us below, in what ways are you allowing spirit to guide you when it comes to money?
2. Where have you gotten out of faith that you are always provided for?
3. What pleasure practices around money will you create for yourself?

We look forward to reading your thoughts and shares and tune in tomorrow for part 2!