She was at rock bottom!

In January of 2014 I got an email from Life Stylized inviting me to come to the Fun Fabulous & Feminine Live Experience. As I read over the details, something moved me and I said to myself, “this is exactly what I need BUT there is no way I can afford this nor do I have the time to go!”

The year before my husband lost his job and with four kids and me being a stay at home mom, we were just barely getting by.

Believing I didn’t have the finances or the support to attend, I deleted the email with a heavy heart.

“How can I possibly afford a ticket, gas, hotel and food?”

However, my heart still longed for this experience.  Time ticked on and I still could hear my soul crying out for something to change.  Then, two weeks before the event was to start,  “things” started to unfold.

My husband landed a new job, with much better hours and pay. Plus, he was off the weekend of the event. Additionally my mother came back from Florida early due to a death in the family, was planning to attend and suggested we go together.  Alright… this might actually work!

Little did I know that this miraculous transformation of events was only just the beginning for me.

See, at that time I was at rock bottom.

Besides questioning my love for my husband and our entire marriage, I had a depressed teenage daughter, a son with psychotic behavior, and two younger and needy children who demanded all of my time and attention.  Plus I had recently taken on a teaching job to help with the bills, but it barely covered our grocery’s and took up all the remaining time and energy I had left.

heatherFor the first time in my life, I was ready to pack-up and walk away from everything. Life was just too much for me to handle.

As I’m writing this I still get teary eyed because now I am aware that, THIS event was the beginning of my life.

We made it though, all the way to the event.  While in attendance, I was WAY out of my comfort zone. I was in a room full of women showing vulnerability. As I gazed around the room, I saw women crying, singing, dancing, and holding each other as they were sobbing, hugging and smiling.

This was all new to me. I didn’t hug. I didn’t cry. I didn’t show emotions. I didn’t say I love you. I didn’t say heart felt words of love.

I was an athlete. A triathlete. A marathon runner. I worked out daily. I ran. I swam. I biked. I trained. I WAS STRONG!  That’s all I needed….right???

I began to break down. I realized I was not such a loving person and that I rarely said I love you or spoke from my heart.

The years of barriers, thick as a ten foot cement wall, began to break down and MY LIFE changed in a blink of an eye.

Fun, Fabulous & Feminine changed my life forever!

Through my experience, I was able to learn valuable tools that I use every day. I opened myself to all of my emotions. I cried, I loved, I sang, I got physical and I found my calling.

I left the gym behind, picked up a HULA HOOP, and now have my own business called Soul Hooping which brings in more money in one class than I made in a month at my teaching job. 

Iheatherhoop was able to soulfully connect with my sister tribe for ongoing support, conversations, love and more. And fell in love twice. Once with myself for the first time in my life and with a new soul-sister I met in the FFF tribe. The connection we have made is enough to carry me for the rest of my life!!

It’s now February 2015. My marriage is on the mend and our sex life is better than it ever was.

My “psychotic” son has since written me an apology note for all the years of “bad behavior” and promised to “choose good” from now on. And he has!


In fact, all my children are happier, thriving and learning new tools for their empowerment.

And most importantly, I have found my inner wisdom, inner strength, inner peace and am connected to myself through spirit.

I am now whole. I am now on my soul’s journey. And it feels AWE-MAZING!!

Thank you Sierra from the bottom of my SOUL!!!

Heather Plyler


The Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Live Event in Los Angeles is happening March 13 – 15th.
To learn more about the event click here.