If you’re like most successful women you long for more Ease, Flow & Freedom in your life, but instead probably end up feeling tired, drained or depleted at the end of your day. Ready to change that?

Then watch this important video message from Sierra.

ReserveMySpotdivider-thinFFF_Top2 FFF_Top1Fun, Fabulous & Feminine is the live event of the year for awakened women who crave an easier way to have all of your dreams and desires manifest without having to work harder, do more or sacrifice yourself in the process.

Get the Tools You Need, to Go From Burned Out to On Fire, For Better Results, More Free Time and More Fun!

FUN FAB FEM is a highly experiential event that goes far beyond your average seminar activities.

Besides feeling more empowered, rejuvenated and refreshed when you leave, you will experience…

Hoop Meditations & Dance Parties
Deep Sharing With Your Other Amazing Women on The Path (Your Sister Tribe)
Sacred Conjuring Rituals To Shed the Layers That Bind and Call In Your Highest Self
Our Conscious Men’s Panel Where You Can Ask Anything You Want To Know the Answer To (ooh la la)
→ “Unlock The Night” After Party With High Quality Single Men to “Playfully Engage” With. (tell you more  later)

Sparkle Stations To Help You Get In The Spirit and Shine Your Beauty Bright (Inside & Out)
Costumes and Playful Dress-Up Fun to Bring Out Your Inner Child (Costume Party!)
Body Movement/Freedom Experiences That Open Up Your Intuition and Clarity
Dazzling Live Performances That Will Engage Your Sense of Wonder And Joy
Spectacular 270 Degree Views of the Pacific Ocean, Mountains and Marina From Our Workshop Room.

Hello Fabulous Woman!

Let me ask you an important question…

Woman_RainbowHow would your life change if you could have all of your dreams and desires manifest without having to work harder, do more, or sacrifice yourself in the process?

How would your life change if you felt so comfortable in your skin you could play full out as your most authentic self, while always feeling your best and oozing confidence everywhere you went?


When a woman is tuned in and turned on to her playful, feminine  essence, she gains ultimate satisfaction in life. Plus a heightened ability to magnetize riches, true love, quality friendships and just about anything she desires on command.

What I’m about to tell you could be the turning point in your life that will finally open the door to your “inner fabulous” — the feminine, sexy, ultra-confident, pleasure-filled version of you that’s been waiting to step into the spotlight.

I’m not offering a “magic lamp” solution, or a genie in a bottle granting you three wishes.

Instead, what I have to share are forgotten, time-honored practices that literally have the ability to support you in creating a life that is filled with more fun, ease, playfulness, excitement and abundance.

And this forgotten practice?

I discovered it the day I almost lost the most important thing in my life.


What I Found At My Lowest Point Changed My Life


I still remember it like it was yesterday.

My husband had just told me that he was not getting his needs met and he wanted to sleep with other women.

Women_Stresed2WHAT?? I stared at my hands. I didn’t even have the energy to cry.

And to make matters worse, even though I wanted to — I couldn’t blame him.

After three hectic years of the constant stress of building my business, 14 hour workdays and very little time off… I had no time for myself, let alone him.

And even though my husband stood by me, was my biggest champion and was always reminding me to take better care of myself… I just didn’t listen and instead kept pushing him away.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d taken a day off, treated myself to a massage or watched a sunset. At the end of each day, I felt so tired, drained and depleted that the joy of sex dwindled to where I didn’t even enjoy being touched at all.

Sadly, my girlfriends stopped calling because I was never available. I stopped checking in with myself because I could feel the joy and life of “ME” slowly dying and it was easier to just keep “doing more” to avoid the pain. I mean, eventually it would all pay off, right?

To add insult to injury even my cash flow started drying up.

Here is the crazy part…


I just kept on going and doing more because… well… perhaps like you, I believed that to be successful you had to work hard. I mean my fathers slogan was “To aim high is not high enough!”

It was deeply ingrained in my subconscious that in order to be valued & loved, I needed to accomplish and achieve at all costs, take care of everyone else first, and put myself and my needs last.

Yup — I’d bought that belief hook, line & sinker…

And so, it was there, at my lowest point that I asked myself …

What it was all for, if at the end, it meant losing my connection to myself, my partner, and everything else that truly mattered to me??

The Answer Isn’t What You Think It Is.
In Fact, It’s The Opposite

I immediately realized that doing more of the same wasn’t going to solve the problem.
I immediately realized that doing more of the same wasn’t going to solve the problem.
Can we say “insanity” … right?

But what would help?

I had no freakin’ clue.

So, I did the unthinkable!

I TOOK TIME OFF, from my business to try and figure it out.

The space I gave myself allowed me to get back into my body.

I began to meditate again.

I moved and engaged in senseless, random acts of dance.

Women_AliveI ran barefoot in the grass, and caught up on my sunsets.

I took my inner little girl to the park to eat ice-cream and ride the swings.

I made the time to cherish myself.

I actually felt alive and pleasure-filled for the first time in a long time.

It felt like somewhere, deep inside, I was pressing gently on my body’s “reset” button.

Through all this, interesting things began to happen…

…I was struck by a clarity and new certainty about what I was here to do in the world,

…That certitude allowed me to reconnect to my family, my husband and most importantly myself,

…I could suddenly see all of the things I’d been doing that simply weren’t serving me or my purpose,

…Plus, I landed an $80,000 client out of nowhere, which was more money than ever before and certainly made up for the time I’d taken off work!

In fact, the more I surrendered and allowed myself to enjoy my life, the more I started to see more “success”.

From there, my salvation began to emerge.

During a morning meditation session, I was struck by a deep awareness that brought everything in to clear focus…


I’d Been Actively Avoiding Giving
The Very Things That Attract
What I Most Want In Life!

Could it really be that simple?
Could it really be that simple?

Could it be that if I just followed my bliss and opened my heart that I could have and be everything I desired?

Couple_RomanceI mean, how could bringing more fun and play into my life possibly be productive?

As a powerful, go-getting woman used to making sh*t happen, it just didn’t make sense.

But I couldn’t ignore what I had already brought into my life after just a few months on a new path.

I needed to make a decision.

So I decided to go “all in” and integrate pleasure into everything I did from that moment on. It became a full-time research project for me. I devoted an entire year of my life to the practice and study of pleasure through books, workshops, experiments, and real world results.

And as I did, I found…

The More I Committed to Making Joy & Pleasure
a Priority, the More I Received Tremendous Prosperity,
With Much Less Effort than Before

How it works is surprisingly simple:

How it works is surprisingly intuitive and straight forward:

I simply began to make choices based on how my body was feeling.

Basically during any moment that I was faced with making a decision, I tuned in and listened to the wisdom of my body.

I, like you, had been learning for years from experts like, Esther Hicks, Marianne Williamson, Danielle LaPorte, and Oprah. Along with books like “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Game of Life” and “The Abundance Book”. All those personalities and each one of those books all say the same thing… “Follow the better feeling thought” or “Follow your bliss” or “Tune in to your desires” and that alone will lead you to the most abundance, prosperity and well-being imaginable.

The simplest most direct path to understanding the “better feeling” is through PLEASURE.

No matter how counter-intuitive it felt at times, every time I followed my pleasure, which usually meant putting myself first… the universe delivered and delivered BIG!

One example I remember is of a beautiful spring day in the town I was living. Usually I would eat leftovers at my desk while getting caught up on my to-dos… But that day I decided to listen to my body which said, “Go outside… enjoy… you will get all you need, done”.


So I decided to listen and go out to lunch. That decision led to a serendipitous encounter with 3 of the exact people I most needed to connect with and not only did my “to-do’s” get done but I got to play instead of working, working, working.

The old, “machine-like” me would have called it “slacking off”.

But the “new” me?

I was still a little hesitant but was starting to recognize the sheer power that lay in putting myself first and connecting to my glowing, pleasure-filled internal fuel source.

The proof was in the pudding.

Hands down, I was attracting better quality results into my life, with less effort and stress than ever before.

I had turned into a human magnet for the very things I was craving — a more lucrative business, more satisfying relationships and the pleasure-filled life I had always dreamed of.

As you read this, and begin to imagine that there’s another path out there for you, I want you to consider that…

You Can Have It All

The truth is that you can “have it all”

RandS_Have it all

The truth is that you can “have it all” — a wonderful relationship. A rewarding career full of opportunity. Financial freedom, and all of those other dreams you may have relegated to “one day.”

The more my life changed, the more my friends began seeing the difference and the more they began asking how I was doing it.

That’s when I decided to share my story, along with the tools & techniques I’d used to create a more fulfilled life and finally rid myself of the nagging self-talk “stuff” that wasn’t serving me.

As word spread, and more and more women implemented my teachings, the transformative effect was contagious.

What’s happening (as you read this) is revolutionary. 

Women all over the world who practice the art of pleasure as a way to more easily fulfill their desires have been forming a new movement.

Together, we are creating a new model of womanhood that defies the odds of this patriarchal world and allows each of us to live rich, prosperous lives, filled with meaningful relationships, loving intimacy, and a deep connection to our bodies.

If this kind of world calls to you, I have a invitation for you…


You’re Invited to “Fun, Fab, Fem”…


I’m bringing my transformational 3-day live event “Fun Fab Fem” to Los Angeles on March 11-13, and I’d love for you to be there.

Here is what is happening… And you are going love it!

I have hand selected the most influential women in my life, top experts in their field, to contribute their incredible gifts and wisdom on topics of wealth, pleasure, confidence and embodying your power as a woman.

This magical three-day journey of deep self-discovery, celebration, and powerful learning is part dance party, part workshop, part sacred ritual, part musical and 100% game changing.

Testimonial_JeriFrom the moment you walk through the doors of Fun, Fabulous & Feminine you’ll instantly feel like you are home.

Our goal is greet you with love, surround you with other fabulous, smart and savvy women and sweet-talk you into becoming the divine woman you were born to be… showing you how to really tune into your own pleasure, needs & desires.

Ok, I am sure by now you are curious.
“What the heck am I going to experience there?!?”
For starters…

Learn how to instantly manifest ANYTHING you desire. We will show you how, then you will have opportunities to practice your “new skills” and prove to yourself, right at the event that it IS possible.


You know those pesky “repeating patterns” that seem to still play out in your life no matter how many workshops you’ve attend or personal work you’ve done? We are going to transform those stubborn stories for good!

Testimonial_Ali2We’ve created the Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Live Experience as a playground for you to:

  • learn my most incredibly effective and practical ways to attract what you most want in your life… without working longer hours and starving yourself of pleasure
  • uncover your zone of genius and use those strengths to attain your goals — with ease— not effort!
  • discover, explore & celebrate every side of yourself — your shadow & your light, the pretty & not so pretty, the entire depth of who you are. When you love yourself fully more good comes to you.
  • re-discover, own & most of all, enjoy your goddess-given powers of sensuality, flirtatiousness and grounded feminine essence. Watch the world around you be magnetized to you, rather than having to go out and “get” something.

ReserveMySpot2divider-thinWhat Will You Take-Away From This Experience?

Come hang out with me and my tribe of amazing soul sisters and spiritually savvy biz chicks for 3 days to rise up to YOUR next level.

You’ll dive deep into the 9 Must-Haves for Experiencing More Fun + More Ease + More Sexy + More Happiness in ALL areas of your life.

Unleash your wild side, feel seen and heard, laugh hysterically, deeply connect and feel supported by amazing women. You will get to understand and appreciate yourself in new ways as we teach you to play with these amazing feminine tools such as…

Power of Desire1 again

  • Learn how to use the power of desire to quickly manifest what you most want in life.
  • Get crystal clear on what you want in life, love, business or any other area of your life.
  • Rediscover what your heart truly yearns for and how to use that yearning as a potent force for calling in your desires.

Let Go of Doubt

  • 2 againDiscover a way of tuning in to your body so that you never doubt yourself or your decisions again.
  • Learn to easily differentiate between your mind chatter and your body’s truth. 
  • Gain confidence in yourself as a woman so that you can command your life with ease.
  • Understand what your doubt is here to show you and turn it around to your advantage.

Magical Manifestation

  • 3 againExperience, first hand how easily it is to manifest things when you know what you actually want.
  • We will show you how and give you a first hand experience of this during these three days.
  • Discover a proven way to shorten the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Play with your feminine powers of creation to attract things to you… instantly.

Testimonial_AniReceive and Believe

  • 4 againMost women are lousy in the receiving department thus pushing away so much good that wants to come to you. Learn how to become an excellent receiver and take in more love and adoration for yourself.
  • Become an *expert* at taking in compliments in a playful and powerful manner. 
  • Learn to become comfortable with intimate moments that will expand your capacity for more.
  • Understand just how magnificent you truly are and learn how to “own it” fully. 

Body Wisdom

  • 5 againYour body always knows. Gain access the deepest parts of yourself by learning techniques to listen to what your body most wants for you.
  • Find your soul’s calling and heal past wounding that keeps you from your divine purpose.
  • Own your sexy, love your curves and experience playful ways to flaunt your features.

Pleasure, Play & P*ssy Power

  • 6All work and no play makes any woman dull. Understand the importance of putting pleasure and play at the forefront of your life and watch your world go from black & white to technicolor.
  • Tap into your deepest knowing place as a woman and discover what you really want in life.
  • Learn how to use pleasure to turn you into a magnetic force for everything you could ever want.
  • Discover a whole new horizon of what brings you pleasure and joy and why it matters to know this.
  • Gain the confidence you need to work your feminine magic despite having been raised and trained to exist in a “mans world.”

Firm up your “ASK”!

  • 7Nobody likes a flabby ask™ and far too often you are not actually asking for what you really want in life. Learn how firm up your ask and to flex your receive muscle. 
  • Discover the kind of information that is important to share with your significant other to empower them to do more for you.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection and others limiting beliefs that stop you from being clear with your requests.

Testimonial_OliviaDoing by Being

  • 8Learn the feminine art of “doing by being” which allows you to have more, be more and get more with 90% less effort in the world. This knowledge will blow your mind and give you back several hours a day that you’d usually spend efforting to get what you want.
  • Discover that more time focused on what feels good literally brings in more feel good to your life.
  • Understand how that the “art of being” is actually an active and valid state of mind that expands your visibility and consciousness to see more opportunity that already exists in your field.
  • Overcome the need to prove yourself to the world.

Sacred Sisterhood

  • 9Nothing beats the power of a solid group of girlfriends to support you in life. Learn why sisterhood is the #1 ingredient to a successful life.
  • Experience the depth of love, support and energy of incredible women who are a stand for success, yours and theirs, no matter what.
  • Learn the actual science behind what having more girlfriends in your life does for your well-being.
  • Feel 100% supported and safe while exploring and transforming your stuck points.


divider-thinA Simple Test to Tell If Attending Is Right For You…

This event is for you if even ONE of the following resonates as “true” or “relate-able” to you…

TakeTheTest  You’ve been on the spiritual path for a while, but you still can’t seem to fully surrender to or trust that source/ spirit totally has your back in this “material world” so you keep getting caught in worry and doubt.

  You’ve recently gone through some sort of dark night of the soul and know that you simply cannot keep moving through life in the same way.

  You struggle in your relationships with men, feeling very unsupported and misunderstood at times, even though you’ve attracted some pretty great men (and may even be in relationship with one now).

  You’re constantly riding the ups and downs of your cash flow and money manifestations and you think that working harder and doing more is the answer.

  You have a hard time really asking for what you really want… in your relationships, in the bedroom, or anywhere else.

→  Even though you’re mostly happy with your body, you still secretly wish it was more of “something” (thinner, younger, toner, etc).

  You feel like life is passing you by at lightning speed with very little time to rest, take vacations or enjoy all the things you dream of experiencing one day.

  Even though you have achieved much, you feel that something is missing and desire more out of your life.

  You notice that even when things are going your way, you sometimes have trouble taking it all in and do things to sabotage your success. (Like pick fights with your partner, eat or drink too much at important events and miss important deadlines or opportunities because you are feeling tired or have a headache).

  You have trouble prioritizing yourself because you are so caught up in work, family and other obligations. 

  When you do take time for you, you often still have a pang of guilt that you “should” be doing something more productive.

  You have a “not enough time” or “not enough help” story going which often causes you to feel overwhelmed with all you want to achieve.

→  You’re uncomfortable showing your emotions or being vulnerable because you feel that it makes you appear weak or less powerful.

→  You sacrifice your happiness and needs for that of your loved ones, clients or bottom line.

→  You sometimes feel like you’re a fraud who will some day be “found out.”

Did ANY of the above strike a chord inside you?

Then I would strongly recommend looking deeper at the way you have your life currently set up. If you are not experiencing long periods of relationship bliss, if you are not doing the things you love often, if you’re not feeling amazing about yourself, your life or your business more than 75% of the time then it’s time to make a shift.  

The Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Live Experience is a rare opportunity to be in a high vibration environment of support and growth with other amazing women that experience life as good and desire it better.

You are invited to hit the “reset” button and say “yes” to yourself.

To shake the weight of the world off your shoulders and put the playful skip back in your step.

Join me and dozens of other fabulous women in Marina del Rey, California for the Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Live Experience, on March 11-13th, 2016.


divider-thinYour Fabulous Guides

Our fearless guide and maven of honor at Fun, Fabulous & Feminine is Sierra Sullivan who will be your trusted guide as you experience powerful transformative conversations, experiences, manifestations and more!

PowerCirclePW_PictureCircle_SierraShe has been known as the go to Feminine Empowerment Expert & Passion Coach, for nearly 15 years and offers evolutionary, life changing, workshops and experiences for heart-centered entrepreneurs, forward thinking moms, conscious minded couples and spiritual seeking women across the globe.

Having studied, practiced and taught the are of creating more pleasure and play in life to manifest more with ease, Sierra’s infectious energy, her contagious laugh and her sacred life stories will lift you up and encourage you to BE more, HAVE more and ASK for more out of your life.

Sierra Fun Fact:
She once got kicked in the butt playfully by Gene Simmons and his monster boots while working on a “That 70’s Show” promo featuring the band KISS and she one day wants to own a pack of schipperkes. 

Rono is the infamous “man behind the woman.” As business and life partner to Sierra he will be our master of ceremony and represents a well balance man who is known and revered for holding a safe and sacred container for women to play and go deep in.

Rono’s gift is the capacity to be able to energetically “hold” a woman through her self un-covering process so that she can become her most authentic, powerful and exquisite expression of herself  in the world. It is a rare man who understands a woman. Even more rare is a man who understands a woman and knows her complicated, mysterious and emotional ways are her greatest assets.

Rono Fun Fact:
He took to months to sail from St. Croix to Trinidad with his father and studied opera in college (Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!).

divider-thinOur Fabulous Presenters


Arielle Ford is a love and relationship expert and a leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. For the past 25 years she has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is a, speaker, blogger for the Huffington Post and the producer and host of Evolving Wisdom’s Art of Love series.

Arielle is a gifted writer and the author of ten books including the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Her latest book is, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate  is a groundbreaking book where Arielle provides 16 simple, easy, and fun ways to reignite love, passion and respect to your relationship – no matter how many years it’s been since you first fell in love.

Arielle Fun Fact:
She was a baton twirler for the Miami Dolphins when in High School which included twirling Fire Hoops!

At FunFabFem, she will be speaking on the power of love and how to create the most impact and meaningful relationships with men.


Tarnie Fulloon is an international workshop facilitator, writer and author. Known as the  Transformational Mentor she finds her joy in partnering with women in leadership roles to resolve persistent and recurring pain so they can live a pain-free life filled with joy and vitality.

For over 30 years, Tarnie has been empowering women, through the wisdom and intelligence of their body, to heal their pain both physically and emotionally and to access their confidence, sensuality and vitality.

Tarnie Fun Fact:
When she was a teen she traveled to China in a cargo plane and sat in the back with chickens.

At FunFabFem, she will be guiding us through an ultra-powerful movement session where you will be able to shed layers of emotional wight and embody the new version of yourself before you head back out into the world.

divider-thinPresenters_SonnetCombine Gwen Stefani’s electro-pop beats interwoven with Fiona Apple’s lyrical aptitude and you will start to understand the sound of this years musical guest Sonnet Simmons.  She captivates her audience with her soulful, unworldly voice and clever thought provoking lyrics.

This ascending singer-songwriter first captivated national audiences with her song, “You’re So Good for Me,” which was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial, hitting the Top 100 downloads list for Amazon, appearing on iTunes, and garnering over 40K downloads in its first month. She garnered the love of America placing Top 13 on ABC Rising Star and won the country over with her soulful performances, vocal range, and ability to make each song her own.

Sonnet Fun Fact:
Born in Athens, Greece, Sonnet was raised in a cult up until the age of 5 when she, her sister and her mother escaped. She grew up in LA and got an opera scholarship to UCLA, where she studied both opera and jazz.

At FunFabFem, she will be performing several of her hits and new songs as well as bring your own unique voice to life during a voice activation session she is co-facilitating with Rono.

divider-thinPresenters_TanyaTanya Lynn is an internationally renowned leader in the women’s empowerment movement. She is the CEO of Tribal Truth, an organization that has impacted thousands of people’s lives and businesses around the world through live and virtual events since 2010.

In her own lifelong search for truth and freedom from China to New York City, Tanya has learned how to walk her talk and teaches the power of vulnerability and authenticity. She is known for being a community builder and empowering leadership in others. In her best-selling book Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader, she gives people permission to be real and rise up to their full potential.

Tanya Fun Fact:
Tanya went to Bodhgaya, India when the Dali Lama was there in 2012 and all the accommodation was full with hundreds of thousands of pilgrims that she had to sleep in a hut on the outskirts of town next to an elephant.

At FunFabFem, she will be sharing with us her personal story about the importance of sisterhood and how it can be one of the most powerful tools that a women possess in her life.

divider-thinPresenters_JeffreyJeffrey Van Dyk is a leader in the conscious movement and works internationally to help business owners, speakers and coaches find their highest purpose and create powerful, meaningful work from it.

Jeffrey has nearly two decades of experience in training and development, and has worked alongside such luminaries as Bill Gates, Jacques Chirac, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, and Ariel Sharon.

Jeffrey is known for his unique gift in helping people use their life’s purpose as a path of personal transformation, resulting in both personal and professional expansion, power and joy.

Jeffrey Fun Fact:
When back home visiting his family in Michigan he entered and won a pie eating contest at the state fair.

At FunFabFem, he will be guiding us into a deeper understanding of our core wounds and how they can actually be used for fuel for success.


As High Priestess of Sacred Shimmy Eva D’Luscious revels in feminine power.  Through sensual and playful Burlesque she brings myths of Goddesses, Legendary women and whimsical creations to life on stages across the Pacific Northwest. She is the creator of BurlyFit — Burlesque Inspired Fitness for Confidence & Curves to help women be the Burlesque Superstar in their own lives.

Eva Fun Fact:
Eva began studying and performing Burlesque in her thirties after the birth of her second child to reclaim her sexy self.  Her journey has taken her way beyond the facade of sexy presented in media, to be comfortable again in her own skin.

At FunFabFem, she will be guiding us through a playful experience to get in touch with your inner sexy and have some fun moves to perform for yourself or perhaps some one else… ooh la la.

divider-thinPresenters_KatakaKataka Gara is a sound healer performing artist, has authored 3 books on healing and prosperity concepts and is a motorcycle enthusiast! As a Grand Master Reiki Teacher, she founded the International Reiki Mastery School. Her mission is to empower women through Beauty, Grace and Joy.

Kataka Fun Fact:
Once wrestled a grizzly bear to the ground to save a family from curtain death. Due to this heroic act of courage she was awarded the prestigious metal of honor from the Canadian Wilderness Foundation.

At FunFabFem, she will be bringing her shamanic healing energy to the space and offering her healing music in the moments we go deep to touch our souls and support us in lighting the fires of our desires.


Ready for a Breath of Fresh Air?

Here’s what you can expect at this event…

FFF_GroupShots Hoop Meditations & Dance Parties
Deep Sharing With Your Sister Tribe
Sacred Conjuring Rituals
Men’s Panel & After Party With High Quality Single Men to Play With (yep you read that right!)
Sparkle Stations To Help You Shine Your Beauty (Inside & Out)
Costumes and Playful Dress-Up Fun to Bring Out Your Inner Child
Body Freedom Experiences to Open Up Your Intuition
Dazzling Performances That Will Engage Your Sense of Wonder And Joy
Spectacular 180 Degree View of the Pacific Ocean, mountains and the marina From the Workshop Room.

By the time you leave, you’ll feel rejuvenated and have a deeper understanding of your greatness and power as a woman, a more open heart, new confidence in your awesomeness and an exact knowing of how to easily manifest your desires with ease, joy and pleasure.

Get ready sister! It’s time for you to FLY!


The Venue: The Marriott, Marina del Rey, California

To enhance the experience and create powerful environment for you to up-level, we have chosen a special and magical venue. This tuned-in, turned-on and juicy event is happening at the (recently renovated) gorgeous Marina Del Rey Marriott, in sunny Los Angeles, California.

The Marriott is located in heart of LA’s waterfront and boasts one of the hippest lounges and restaurants LA has to offer. If the hotel isn’t enough for you then it is only a short walk to Venice beach or the Marina with more restaurants, night life and fun.

Imagine waking up to the fresh ocean air and delighting in a delicious gourmet breakfast in bed or at the beach side restaurant. Then leisurely strolling on the beach before you head up to the penthouse workshop suite to connect with other powerful and amazing women that really get who you are.

Clean and well appointed, our accommodations for the event reflect the level of class a Fun, Fabulous & Feminine woman would expect. Select a room with a balcony and lose yourself in a breathtaking sunset. Plunge into our palm-fringed swimming pool and then slip into the hot tub to loosen any left over stress. Fitness center for those that just need to burn off some energy and plenty of ocean scenery won’t be the only thing that gets your heart racing.

We have secured a special rate for our guests of $225 per night (normally $249 to $349) that is guaranteed if you book before February 19th.

Our promise to you is that this experience will be an unforgettable transformation that will lead you to having an event more amazing life. Lives are changed at this event every year and it is your turn to feel renewed and alive.

It is going to be AMAZING!

Details-At-Glance-LA-2016ReserveMySpot2What Past Fun, Fab, Fems Are Saying…

Testimonial_Courtney Testimonial_Nicole2Testimonial_Earlene Testimonial_heather Testimonial_TanyaTestimonial_Justine  divider-thinReserveMySpot2divider-thin

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